[Samba] printer configuration issue

Kurt Weiss input.maillists at kwnet.at
Sun Mar 9 18:03:03 GMT 2003

hello paul...

i cannot connect to lowplaces.net with http...
so i was not able to look at your files...

but maybe it's not the samba based part, which makes problems...
<hope>maybe this one helpes</hope>

u said, from DOS u can print with net use and print - so samba will run 
it could be, that u print to an ascii printer - this will have such an 
unix/linux changes <cr><lf> to <lf> and - maybe - more. so the printjob 
will be sent corrupt to the printer.

test following:
*) redirect the printer to "file"
*) produce a testpage on a file e.g. "test.prn"
*) send this file over "print" in DOS mode to samba
*) if i'm right, this job will fail too...

windows needs a raw printer...
so u have to install an lpraw on your server (in my case over apsfilter) 
and it will run - maybe.
here's the part of my /etc/printcap:

###this is the wrong one in my case - ascii printer###
hp970-ascii|lp1|cdj970-a4-ascii-mono-600-hp970|cdj970 a4 ascii mono 600:\

###this is the printer which is printing right...###
hpusb|lp4|cdj970-a4-raw-hp970|cdj970 a4 raw:\

i can access both printers over samba, but if i print on 
\\server\hp970-ascii i have a similar problem. (instead of ignoring, my 
printer prints garbage)
\\server\hpusb i can print well...

<hope multiplier="2">maybe i could help this time</hope>


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