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Sun Mar 9 16:03:29 GMT 2003


Thanks for tuning back into this channel!  I apologize for the obscure
history.  I'll recap: I've installed SuSE Linux 8.1 and Samba 2.2.5 on an
HP Vectra ("penguin") with the hope of using it as a print server on a
heterogenous LAN.  The clients are all PCs running 4 different flavors of
Windows (95, Me, NT and 2000).  My background with UNIX is fairly
extensive, but I am new to both Linux and Samba.  So it didn't take me
very long to get to this particular juncture, but I've been stuck here for
over a week now.

Where is "here"?  Local printing (lpr) on the server itself works fine, as
does local printing from the server using smbclient.  Printing from the
remote clients only works from the DOS command line, and only after
setting up a local port pointing to the share on penguin (I used "net use
lpt1: \\penguin\lp" and then a simple "print").  Printing from Windows
fails consistently, whether I configure "lp on penguin" as a network
printer (from a successful browse) or as a local port pointing to the
share on penguin.

I've done quite a bit of log capture, which I summarize below.

On Sun, 9 Mar 2003, Kurt Weiss wrote:

> paul,
> hi again!
> > It was worth a shot.  I haven't given up yet!
> i did not follow your threat from begin on, so it's possible, u can send
> me your smb.conf?

Since I'm having a hard time keeping up with all of the things I've tried
I've started tracking it on the web.  http://lowplaces.net/samba/smb.conf
has a copy of the most recent smb.conf I've used.


http://lowplaces.net/samba/testparm.out is the testparm output against
this smb.conf with the log level turned to 3.

http://lowplaces.net/samba/samba.log.LOCAL is the debug (log level 3)
output for a successful printout from the Linux server (penguin) using

http://lowplaces.net/samba/samba.log.PRINT is the debug output for a
successful "print" command from the Win2K client (pablo) after setting up
a remote share at the DOS command line using "net use lpt1: \\penguin\lp".

http://lowplaces.net/samba/samba.log.TEST is the debug output of an
unsuccessful attempt to print a test page from the windows printer
properties menu.  In this case the printer share "lp on penguin" was
configured as network printer \\penguin\lp using a LAN Manager Printer
Port.  It is browsable from the printer menus and from the Network
Neighborhood.  When the test page is launched the printer icon appears in
the task bar.  Double-clicking on the icon indicates that the document
is "Spooling" and then disappears.  At the same time, the temporary file
"smbprn.000135.wtTTI2" shows up in the spool directory specified by the
smb.conf "Path" paramter on penguin, after which it also disappears.  The
resulting lpr command, however, fails with a status of 1.  The previous
examples gave a status of 0.

http://lowplaces.net/samba/samba.log.NOTEPAD tries to print to "lp on
penguin" from a Notepad document.  The print share is the same one that
was set up in the preceding paragraph.  The output is not as voluminous
but the result is the same: a document that is successfully spooled from
the client to the server but never printed.

I have similar results if I try to configure the printer as a local
printer on a local port that points to the remote share: the file appears
to spool but never prints.

At this point I'm convinced it's something fairly simple, something that
will make me kick myself for the next few days, but something that I can
hopefully share with others on this list in the not-too-distant future.

Thanks again for your help.


Paul David Mena
Haiku in Low Places, Ltd.
Email: haiku at lowplaces.net
Webpage: http://www.lowplaces.net

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