[Samba] SAMBA - first time trying to get it working; yes, I am reading the manuals

Kurt Weiss input.maillists at kwnet.at
Sun Mar 9 07:33:17 GMT 2003

hi david.

> if u did install the binary package and u want a "standard"
> installation" so u do not need to build - samba is installed  I said 
> during the installation that I wanted SAMBA installed.  But beyond that 
> step, I have done nothing to my Red Hat 8 system as far as further SAMBA 
> installation. Did SAMBA get installed during the installation? When i 
> look through my system, I see files that relate to smb which leads me to 
> believe it is installed.   Someone had mentioned the command "inetd" and 
> "SWAT", but these too were confusing b/c inetd does not exist on Red Hat 
> 8.  It has been replaced with xinetd.  What would the command be then to 
> open SWAT?

*) check if samba is on your system:
which smbd
which nmbd
which smbclient

inetd/xinetd is a tool, which listen to network ports and starts the 
defined program on a request. - (e.g. pop3/smpt).
samba is running always (if it's running) - it does not need 
inetd/xinetd, because it listens to the ports itselves.

SWAT is a help/satatus tool which is running in your webbrowser (if 
started). (i do not use it)
on the linuxbox, where samba is running, u can start it in your browser

> the only thing u have to do is to configure smb.conf and start samba...
> ('service samba start' or 'service smb start') THANKS! but how do i 
> create the hare and the mount points?

./configure is *not* a tool, where u configure samba shares and else.
./configure is needed in the source package, to configure the Makefile - 
means, *how* is samba compiled. - this is done in a binary package 

shares, servername and else is defined, as mostly in linux/unix 
services, in a text file, which is read from the samba services. this 
file is named 'smb.conf' (means: samba configuration)

in standard use (source), smb.conf lies in /usr/local/samba/lib/
if u use SuSE (e.g. 7.3) - smb.conf is in /etc/
i think, in redhat, smb.conf is in /etc/samba/

u can find it whith 'find / -name smb.conf'
edit this file, to configure samba.

afterwards start samba with 'service samba start' or, if it's running, 
'service samba restart'

have a lot of fun

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