[Samba] Samba+pam

Brian Wiese bwiese at cotse.com
Sun Mar 9 06:55:14 GMT 2003

On Fri, 7 Mar 2003 20:50:55 -0300
Rodrigo Schmidt N <schmidt at brturbo.com> wrote:

|Can anybody give me a hand to setup a samba server with pam support?

I also would appreciate if someone had a samba PAM config file to post to
the list, preferably an example of samba passwords working with the
cracklib module to enforce strong passwords?   Is this possible?-- I know
you can't use PAM for 'authentication' with encrypted passwords, but the
smb.conf man page that 'obey pam restrictions = yes' only applies for
'session' and 'session' management... how about 'passwords'? (require use
of unix /etc/passwd passwords?)

Would appreciate any guidance on this. Thanks.


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