[Samba] Samba config for Windows XP Printer

Laura West lwest54 at mindspring.com
Sun Mar 9 01:36:11 GMT 2003

My Samba installation seems to be going pretty smoothly thanks to this 
list.  One thing left to do and that is to be able to have my Redhat 8.0 
box print to my Lenmark z52 printer, connected ( and shared ) on my XP 
Professional machine.   I am wondering whether this is possible at 
all....The Lenmark drivers I found were for Redhat 6.x and I couldn't 
find any for Redhat 8.0.  Tried to install the drivers, but it depends 
on an old rpm.  ( I tried to intall that even, but no success. ) I've 
been reading the Samba documentation, but it does not mention XP.  

Anyone have any hints on how to get my Linux box to print to the XP printer?


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