[Samba] samba deletes with 'delete readonly = No' & WinXP client

David Sauer davids at penguin.cz
Sat Mar 8 13:23:28 GMT 2003


 I have problem with samba 2.2.6 & windows XP as client. With
  'delete readonly = No', I can delete readonly files in writable directories.
I can't repeat this with client != winXP. Server is linux, debian woody
 with compiled samba (not from distro).

How to repeat:

make directory with allow writing (rwxrwxrwx, for example)
make file which is readonly. (r--r--r--, for example)

Open the directory on WinXP in explorer and selected your read-only file.
Hit DEL key.
Now, it becomes iteresting - sometimes file is deleted, sometimes not.
If You hit DEL more times, the file is usually deleted in less than 10 

It seems, there are some race conditions ...

Can someone repeat this ?

* David Sauer, programmer & Linux system administrator

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