[Samba] rpcclient setdriver fails: WERR_INVALID_PRINTER_NAME

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at danka.de
Sat Mar 8 11:05:55 GMT 2003

Werheid Bernhard wrote on Samba-Digest:

> Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2003 15:25:13 +0200 
> From: Werheid Bernhard <Bernhard.Werheid at M-Real.com>
> To: "'samba at lists.samba.org.'" <samba at lists.samba.org>
> Subject: [Samba] rpcclient setdriver fails: WERR_INVALID_PRINTER_NAME
> Message: 2
> Hi all,
> I have a similar problem as Patrik yesterday. So I can copy some lines, =
> but
> not all.
> We have an SuSE 8.1 machine who acts as an printserver.
> I'm sharing printers via Samba and using CUPS.
> Samba is 2.2.7a and CUPS 1.1.8.
> The Microsoft clients (Win9x, Win NT, Win 2k) is downloading the
> driver from the server.
> I had no problem to install and upload up to 2 printers but now I am
> not able to set the driver.
> I can install more printers, but when cupsaddsmb is running
> rpcclient -N -U 'root%secret' -c 'setdriver zae zae'
> I get the "result was NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL" messages.

What is the result of the "rpcclient -U root localhost -c enumprinters"
command? Is your printer "zae" appearing in the list of known printers?

I suspect the "NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL" comes from the fact that Samba
does not yet see your "zae" printer, as it might be freshly installed.

In my opinion it is a Samba-2.2.x bug, that you don't see newly installed
CUPS printers within Samba (or its Win clients' network neighbourhood), even
if they are appearing in "/etc/printcap" immediately (or to the native
CUPS clients), unless you SIGHUP or restart smbd.

If my assumption is correct, your "rpcclient -N -U 'root%secret' -c
'setdriver zae zae'" command at the end of "cupsaddsmb" should work after
re-starting smbd.

Please report back.


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