[Samba] Win XP-home connecting to Samba, ahhh, please help!

Kurt Weiss input.maillists at kwnet.at
Sat Mar 8 08:32:15 GMT 2003

Mark Brodis schrieb:
> The network the Linux box resides in has 2 WinXP-home computers, and a
> Win200 Pro computer.  They are all sharing all files, no passwords, no
> domain, just a workgroup called "ESR".
> I just want the Linux computer to be able to be seen on the network,
> and copy/move files freely around on it and others.  I can see the
> Windows computers from the Linux box just fine, connect to shares, etc.
>  But from the Windows computers the best I've done is I can see the
> Linux computer sometimes, rarely, I can never access it, if I even

- in your windows client there's files named "hosts.sam" and 
"lmhosts.sam" - copy them to "hosts" and "lmhosts" and write in your 
server. - so u can be shure, that the name is resolved right.
- next please (if u did): *never* use the same name for user and machine!

> click on it in Windows it will time-out and say that network resource
> can not be found.

- is this always the situation, or is it "mostly"??
- are u using cat5/rj45 cables? - this cables (if they are not TIA/EIA 
568) have the effect, that the connection breaks in stress. - this u can 
test following:
try to ping "slow" (from linux) 'ping <ipadress>'
check the lost packages.
try to ping "fast and heavy" 'ping -fs 10000 <ipadress>'
check the lost packages again...

u are using rh 8.0?
redhat's firewall (i think standard security), if installed, denies 
netbios access, so, maybe u see the linux server, but u cannot access...

please check, if u installed the "plain text password" registry hack on 
the clients...


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