Alvaro Rosales R. aran80 at wintersperu.com.pe
Fri Mar 7 22:43:18 GMT 2003

Hi Fellows I have a samba 2.4 PDC that works OK with win98 and 
win95 with clear text passwords enabled on them, but I have a 
Windows XP pro that joins the domain without problems (after 
changing the securesignor seal to 0, and enabled plain text 
passwords in XP box)  but when I try to log in to my domain I get an 
unknown user or bad password error,  but If I ignore that error I can 
manually connect to the shares of my PDC, but it asks me my 
username and password again. I can log on with the same user and 
password from any win98 computer, run logon scripts and policies. 
Can you help me out please?

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