[Samba] Urgent help needed

Michael G. Noble mnoble at rfmagic.com
Fri Mar 7 18:10:07 GMT 2003


If you would look at /etc/services it will tell you the following:

netbios-ns      137/tcp                         # NETBIOS Name Service
netbios-ns      137/udp
netbios-dgm     138/tcp                         # NETBIOS Datagram
netbios-dgm     138/udp
netbios-ssn     139/tcp                         # NETBIOS session
netbios-ssn     139/udp

Wolfram already told you about 901 for swat.

Port 143 is for imap and port 161 is for snmp, neither of these
have anything to do with samba.


On Fri, 2003-03-07 at 09:58, Wolfram Quester wrote:
> Hello dharanesh,
> > if firewall program disable, samba can work very well.
> > Problem is "what kind of port we have to open for samba protocol.
> > There are ports we opened
> > 137,138,139,445   (tcp/udp)     143,161 (tcp)
> > but samba is not working
> please be more precise here. What do you mean by "samba is not working".
> What is the error message, how do you see that it is not working?
> I don't think ports 143/161 are related to samba at all.
> If you want to use swat you have to enable port 901 for the machine you
> want to access it from, but samba should "work" anyway.
> regards,
> Wolfi
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