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Fri Mar 7 13:55:41 GMT 2003

  I was thinking of using rsync, since it has the ability of mapping the
written user-name instead of using UID's. Anyone know how this work on
WindowsNT? I've read, that CygWin hasn't the ACL's properly implemented
  Does another "cross-platform" exist, that can map between the written


ps. I've tried using scopy, but it fails : "Acces denied". It probably is
run as a null account - in log.smbd access is denied as user nobody
pps. I've also tried using a backup program, but this result in an error in
possix_acls.c : Unable to map SID XXXXXXXXXX         <- a lot of numbers

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On Fri, 2003-03-07 at 20:19, Michael Heironimus wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 07, 2003 at 09:47:35AM +0100, JaS at wrote:
> > My problem is when I copy the files, I want the ownership of the files
> > preserved. When I copy the files, as it is now, the user copying the
> > are set as owner. This is not, what I want. I want the original owner
> > own the files after copying. And I'm not talking about files in
> > shares, it is the public and group shares with several possible file
> > owners.
> I think the standard answer to "how do I keep ownerships/ACLs when
> copying files in NT" is "use scopy from the resource kit". scopy is a
> Windows NT command-line tool that works just like xcopy, but can
> retain ownerships and permissions. In Windows 2000 that functionality is
> available in the standard xcopy program, but I think there still isn't a
> way to do it from explorer. This has always been one of NT's significant
> flaws as a file server - you don't really have any more advanced tools
> for managing this kind of thing than you do on a single-user
> workstation.

A few other tips:

Make sure you log in to your samba server as root (it sounds completely
natural if you have a unix background when you come from unix, but the
windows admins don't quite expect it), have ACLs enabled in Samba and an
ACLed filesystem installed.

Make sure that you have cloned your NT server using tools like 'net rpc
vampire' so that the SIDs match up.  (you will also need to steal your
current DCs domain SID too).

Andrew Bartlett

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