[Samba] Two Linux PC

mark lists at xinot.net
Fri Mar 7 08:43:37 GMT 2003

On 07 Mar 2003 13:00:29 +0530
arun <arun at banas.guj.nic.in> wrote:

> Dear friends,
> I have two Linux servers "Linux1" and Linux2"
> I like to mount a folder of Linux2 on Linux1
> Whenever I try to mount the folder with
> #mount -t smbfs //Linux2/myshare  /otherpc
> #password
> I give the root password and also tried other users password
> It gives following error:
> 8450: session setup failed : ERRSRV - ERRbadpw
> (Bad Password - name/ password pair in a Tree Connect or Session Setup
> are invalid)
> Smb.conf of Linux2 is as follows:
you need to be supplying the samba password for root for the machine
//linux2, not the root accounts password on //linux1 or //linux2.  If
you've never added root to the smbpasswd file on //linux2, you'll need

You also might want to look at nfs for this instead.  It's generally a
better tool for unix to unix file mounting situations than samba.

That being said I'm somewhat lazy and tend to mount shares from a
freebsd samba server on my linux box, rather than learn how to set up


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