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Greg Freemyer freemyer at NorcrossGroup.com
Fri Mar 7 00:55:42 GMT 2003


I use XFS as my filesystem.  (included with SuSE/Mandrake/United Linux, patch =
avail. for Redhat and vanilla kernel)

It comes with a very powerful backup tool xfsdump.  xfsdump writes the backup =
level into each files metadata (i.e. EA - Extended Attributes).

A full backup is a level 0 backup. =20

A level 1 backs up all files changed since the level 0.

A level 2, gets everything since the last level 1 (or 0).

A level 3, everything since the last level 2 (or 1 or 0).

Etc. thru level 9.   If you setup a nice schedule, you can ensure a small =
number of tapes req. for restore.

The other nice thing about xfsdump is that it backs up ACLs (if enabled in =
Samba).  Most backup solutions don't do that.

Unfortunately, I don't think xfsdump has any support for an autoloader. (I =
don't have one).

But, I do think that Amanda can be used as a backup manager to handle the =
autoloader and invoke xfsdump as required.=20

I've not used Amanda.


 >>  I'm curious to what people are using for backing up their samba servers.
 >>  Here's are some specs to consider:
 >> =20
 >>  - 1TB (yes, that's terabyte) of data
 >>  - multiple servers backup to one tape drive connected to a server
 >>  (preferably a linux system)
 >>  - using an autoloader (in this case, an HP 1/9 LTO system)
 >>  - need to be able to backup daily changes and/or changes since last full
 >>  backup
 >> =20
 >>  Currently I'm using Backup Exec from NetWare.  The *nix client has no
 >>  support to do anything but a full.  The archive bit obviously won't
 >>  work, and backing up based on date doesn't seem to work either (it still
 >>  does a full).  I'm interested in finding a native linux solution since I
 >>  don't see a lot of point in having to use a Windows server with a *nix
 >>  client when I'm trying to get away from Windows.
 >> =20
 >>  If you have suggestions or are using something you are happy with,
 >>  please respond.  Currently, I'm evaluating Novastor's Novanet 8.5.  I
 >>  know there are others that I can eval, I'm just interested in finding
 >>  out what others are using and happy with.
 >> =20
 >>  Thanks.
 >> =20
 >> =20
 >> =20
 >>  Rick Segeberg
 >>  Provo Site Manager, IT Department
 >>  The Waterford Institute
 >>  rick.segeberg at waterford.org <mailto:rick.segeberg at waterford.org>=20
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