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Henrickson, Den HenrickD at vmind.com
Thu Mar 6 22:33:17 GMT 2003

We're using Syncsort Backup Express to backup about 1/2 TB to an ADIC
Scaler.  It works well but the sales people leave a little to be desired and
it's expensive.  Email me offlist if you want more details.

Den Henrickson
Network Administrator
Van Meter Industrial

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I'm curious to what people are using for backing up their samba servers.
Here's are some specs to consider:
- 1TB (yes, that's terabyte) of data
- multiple servers backup to one tape drive connected to a server
(preferably a linux system)
- using an autoloader (in this case, an HP 1/9 LTO system)
- need to be able to backup daily changes and/or changes since last full
Currently I'm using Backup Exec from NetWare.  The *nix client has no
support to do anything but a full.  The archive bit obviously won't work,
and backing up based on date doesn't seem to work either (it still does a
full).  I'm interested in finding a native linux solution since I don't see
a lot of point in having to use a Windows server with a *nix client when I'm
trying to get away from Windows.
If you have suggestions or are using something you are happy with, please
respond.  Currently, I'm evaluating Novastor's Novanet 8.5.  I know there
are others that I can eval, I'm just interested in finding out what others
are using and happy with.
Rick Segeberg
Provo Site Manager, IT Department
The Waterford Institute
rick.segeberg at waterford.org <mailto:rick.segeberg at waterford.org> 


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