[Samba] Slow response & excessive CPU utilization with Foxpro

Jonathan Johnson jon at sutinen.com
Thu Mar 6 21:52:59 GMT 2003

I have a samba server (2.2.7) installed. Server is RedHat 7.1. It is
installed from an RedHat RPM samba-2.2.7-1.7.3.i386.rpm.  Clients are all XP

Everything works, but when a database program (based on MS Visual FoxPro) runs its databases from
there (the samba server), the server CPU utilization of smbd goes to 98% and stays there
until the data transfer is done.

The data transfer also is extremely slow.  Only about 0.5% of the bandwith of
10baseT gets used according to XP Pro task manager on the client.

I have tried disabling oplocks, level 2 oplocks and kernel oplocks in
the global level and also in the share level. I also tried adjusting
send and receive buffers (default 8192) to 4096. TCP_NODELAY is set, too.

So far nothing has worked.

Any ideas on what to try next?



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