[Samba] Migration from WindowsNT to Samba

Patrick Nelson pnelson at neatech.com
Thu Mar 6 18:38:38 GMT 2003

JaS at codan.com wrote:
I am about to migrate our corporate network from NT to Samba and Linux. But
I have stumbled upon a problem : How do I transfer the files from NT to
Samba and preserve the ownership? The users will be using the same
usernames as before.
Are there a script or program, that can transfer these rights? Or is it the
hard way? 20Gb of data, nearly 100000 files.

We are just finishing (or at lease so we think) at our company...

We initially used ownership and groups to control access, totally changing
what existed...  However this wasn't a good enough answer for us and was
actually more work.  Then we had a brainstorm.  Really simple one too...

1. Decide how ownership is desired.  Linux ownership is different so there
needs to be some decisions made.
2. Configure the new share on the Linux side with this ownership plan.
3. mount both Linux and NT shares for that particular users share or
public/semi-private share.
4. copy the files.

Using the creation mechanism in samba you'll get exactly what you setup.  So
the moral of this solution is don't copy first, setup the environment first.
Once you do that than a script would be easy (gross generic overview):

  <mount windows share>
  <mount linux share>
  <copy from windows to linux share>

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