[Samba] Virtual servers for 2 workgroup

Grand Titus grand.titus at free.fr
Thu Mar 6 00:47:25 GMT 2003


My config: Samba 2.2.3 & Linux Debian Testing kernel 2.4.20

There are two network cards on my pc :
    -one links to the network R1 (
    -one links to the network R2 (
I would like to open two shares:
    -the first one on R1 in the workgroup wkgrp1
    -the second one on R2 in the workgroup wkgrp2
I read that, thanks to the directives "netbios aliases" and "include", it is
possible to run 2 servers on 1 machine.

Here is what I have done:
Extract from smb.conf:
#Configuration for the 'reel' server on R2 (a local network)
workgroup = wkgrp2
interfaces =
bind interfaces only = yes
hosts allow = localhost 192.168.0.
local master = yes
os level = 33
domain master = yes
preferred master = yes
# Run the virtual server
netbios aliases = titus
include = /etc/samba/smb.conf.%L

Extract from smb.conf.titus:
workgroup = wkgrp1
interfaces =
bind interfaces only = yes
hosts allow = localhost 138.231.121.
#On this network there is already a master
local master = no
os level = 16
domain master = no
preferred master = no
path = /home/rezo/images
comment = Qq images
browseable = yes
writable = no
guest ok = yes

Unfortunately it doesn't work. The two servers appear in the same workgroup:
wkgrp1. It seems that all the global directives in the smb.conf.titus are
What is the pbm?


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