[Samba] Authentication error on weekends

Antonio Kovalski kovalski at milenio.com.br
Wed Mar 5 22:47:35 GMT 2003


	I have a Linux (RH 7.0), and I'he configured on smb server one share to
only one NT user. This user is a tool used for  file-transfer from MVS to
Windows using UNC file name convention. How I don't know the user's
password, I using SERVER security on smb.conf to validate the user. The
server that validate the user is the same where file-transfer tool runs.
During the workdays, it works fine, validating the user and tranfering the
files correctly, but on saturday, after 1:00PM, the server try to connect to
Linux, but the user is not validated, aborting the process.
	On SAMBA log, I found these lines every weekend:

2003/03/01 13:14:02, 0] passdb/pdb_smbpasswd.c:pdb_getsampwnam(1367)
 uname to open passdb database.

	It's the first message after 01:00PM, and persists until the STOP/START of
smb services.
	Any ideia about is happening??


Antonio Kovalski

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