[Samba] printer configuration issue

haiku at lowplaces.net haiku at lowplaces.net
Wed Mar 5 17:44:00 GMT 2003

My thanks to everyone for their suggestions.  I can summarize recent
developments as follows:

1) after adding "use client driver = yes" (as Daniel suggests below), the
"access denied" message went away, but printing from a remote Windows
client still failed.

2) printing to the same device ("\\penguin\lp") from the same remote
client succeeds from a DOS window if I first set up a local print device
via the command "net use lpt1: \\penguin\lp" and then printed a simple
test file from the command line.

3) printing to the "\\penguin\lp" device from the local client (penguin)
via smbclient succeeds, as does printing locally using "lpr".

Being fairly close to throwing in the towel, I've copied my smb.conf file
to http://www.lowplaces.net/samba and invite examination.  Also in this
directory I have the debug log output from a successful local printout
("samba.log.LOCAL"), a successful remote printout from the DOS command
line ("samba.log.PRINT"), an unsucessful invocation of "print" from
Notepad ("samba.log.NOTEPAD") and an unsuccessful "print test page" from
the Windows control panel ("samba.log.TEST").

Any insights would be deeply appreciated.

Paul David Mena
haiku at lowplaces.net

On Mon, 3 Mar 2003 daniel.jarboe at custserv.com wrote:

> > I've installed Samba 2.2.7a on my SuSE 8.1 system in an effort to
> > persuade it to act as a print server on my LAN, which consists of it
> > and 6 Windows desktops of various flavors.  Right away it seemed to
> > allow file sharing and printing from DOS and became browsable from the
> > Network Neighborhood, but I can't get it to print from Windows.  I
> > keep getting a Status of "Access denied, unable to connect", even when
> > simply trying to print a test page.  A perusal of the Samba logs has
> > been inconclusive as has a poring through both Samba and SuSE
> > documentation.  I'm guessing that it's a stupid permission or
> > authentication configuration I've overlooked, but it's making me
> > crazy!
> Does it really fail to print, or just show that error message (yet print
> ok)?
> If those various flavors are NT/2000/XP, and you can still print, this
> happens when:
> 1. Your users are local admins of their machines
> 2. They have installed the drivers locally (rather than from the print$
> share).
> 3. spools has not been disabled for that share with use client driver =
> yes (or globally with disable spoolss = yes).
> Best thing to do is fix #2.  Doing the "use client driver = yes" thing
> will suffice if your users need to be local admins, but it's "an ugly
> hack."  Check out "use client driver" in man smb.conf
> ~ Daniel

Paul David Mena
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