[Samba] Thanks to John !

Kevin C McCarty kmccart6 at csc.com
Wed Mar 5 17:11:40 GMT 2003

Hello List, 

A special thanks to Mr John Terpstra for helping me get back on the 
straight and narrow with an install of Samba 2.2.5 on RH8 . 

1)I needed to remember the installation is linux centric,  do the 
permission's based on linux ........
2)I needed authorization to access the files, if you set " permission's to 
''share",    make "share" the viable choice in globals ...... 
3)don't create smbpasswd as a directory       <dooohhh>
4)smbpasswd -a      <linux user>       on the command line
5) don;t do an old version        ! 
6) read more........before starting a hasty fix,,, 
7)make sure DNS is updated----- not necessarily for Samba

I realize that 99% of you have done this successfully, and sorry to bend 
the bandwidth with redundancy.   So drink a beer; Tiago, you drink a 
cerveza and all have a good day/night.

Oh and someone should hire John, he really knows what he is doing. 

Adios, ciao, cheers, 


Kevin McCarty
Computer Sciences Corporation
Defense Sector

"Obstacles are those annoying little bumps that occur when you take your 
eyes off your goals"

Henry Ford

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