[Samba] Problem of access samba from rh8

Steve Blackwell steve.blackwell at eer.com
Wed Mar 5 16:21:54 GMT 2003

Good morning Patrick,

I followed your suggestions and got the same response. There was no 
information in the log files.

I fired up ethereal and did some poking around. Here's what I found.

When I enter my username and password, these packets get sent/received.

SMB     Negotiate Protocol Request
SMB     Negotiate Protocol Response
SMB     Session Setup AndX Request, User: <My Workgroup/My User Name>
SMB     Session Setup AndX Response
SMB     Tree Connect AndX Request, Path: \\<My PDC>\IPC$
SMB     Tree Connect AndX Response
LANMAN  NetShareEnum Request
LANMAN  NetShareEnum Response

Looks OK so far...

TCP     33114 > netbios-ssn [FIN, ACK] blah, blah
TCP     netbios-ssn > 33114 [FIN, ACK] blah, blah
TCP     33114 > netbias-ssn [ACK] blah

Next comes several DNS requests with the response of "No such name" (Why 
are these requests ging out to the internet?)

NBNS    Name query NB <My PDC><20>
NBNS    Name query response NB <MY PDC IP address>
NBNS    Name query NBSTAT *<00><00><00>....
NBNS    Name query response NBSTAT
TCP     33115 > netbios-ssn [SYN] blah...
TCP     netbias-ssn > 33115 [SYN, ACK] blah...
TCP     33115 > netbios-ssn [ACK] blah...
NBSS    Session request to <My PDC><20> from <My Linux box><00>
NBSS    Positive session response
TCP     33115 > netbios-ssn [ACK] blah...
SMB     Negotiate protocol request
SMB     Negotiate protocol response

*** And here is the problem ***

SMB     Session Setup andX Request, User: <My Workgroup>/GUEST

OK, so how did my user name change from what I typed in and what shows up 
correctly above to GUEST which explains why I get the message about not 
having privilege to browse any shares?

On 2003.03.05 06:34 Patrick Kwan wrote:
> HI Seteve:
> Are you using winbind?
> I havn't using it before, I have no idea about it.
> Or you can try to find out which part cause the problem.
> According your description you are access to the NT PDC box from a
> redhat8
> box with samba and winbind running, right?
> Please shutdown the samba and winbind in the redhat 8 then try the
> following:
>  -connect the NT PDC again,
>  -connect the another windows client
> And see what happen in the %m.log file.
> Good luck!
> Patrick

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