[Samba] group access

Stand H hstandit at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 5 13:55:19 GMT 2003


I have:
-u1 belong to group1(primary group) and groupAll.
-u2 belong to group2(primary group) and groupAll.
-a folder called groupAll which has its permission bit
to 770. Owner bit is root, Group bit is groupAll.

u1 and u2 have full read and write access but can't
delete other owners' files in groupAll, mean that if
u1 create a file then u2 can read and write but cant
delete u1's file. 
here is my share

valid users = @groupAll
force group = groupAll
Due to no delete permission on Linux how can I specify
value for create mask and directory mask. All users in
groupAll still can delete file or folder though I set
create mask and directory mask to 700. I think users
get permission from parent directory which is groupAll
that why they can delete sub foler even they has no
permission. Please give me suggesstion or help me to
create this kind of share.


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