[Samba] Ldap Samba and problems compiling

Adrian Chow Seng Yien chowadrian at i2r.a-star.edu.sg
Wed Mar 5 10:08:37 GMT 2003


I got 2 problems :-

1.  I was compiling samba-2.2.7-4.src.rpm on Redhat 8.0 system and with the option --with-pam_smbpass.  It always fail when I am doing a rpmbuild -ba samba.specs.  The error is similar to the person who posted on 
http://lists.samba.org/pipermail/samba-technical/2002-September/039415.html but no one answered him.

I was also compiling with the following extra options:- --with-msdfs --with-profile --disable-static --with-ldapsam

When I compile it without --with-pam_smbpass, it compiles perfectly.  Any idea how I can compile pam_smbpass separately?  Please give me the steps and the download site if any.... thanks.  Or anyone can give me the solution to this?

2.  My scenario is as follows:-
I got 1 Netware 6.0 server running ldap.  I have successfully used pam_ldap and nss_ldap on my Redhat box to query the netware server and have configured login and ssh to authenticate with the Netware 6.0.
Now I have included Samba into the server.  And I want the samba users to authenticate with the Netware 6.0 ldap server.

I know that I have to extend the schema for the netware ldap server for samba entries but I cannot import smbpasswd into the netware 6.0 server.  So this option is out.  And I don't know how to input the ldap data into the netware server.
Win2k machines uses different hashing for the password compared with the posixAccount password in the Netware 6.0 server.

Is there any way that  I can do some unhashing on the samba server when it gets the password from the login user(hidden work) and then compare that password with my netware 6.0 password?  Basically I want samba users to authenticate to Netware 6.0 server.

Can pam_smbpass do the job?  From what I read it cannot.  Please justify if it can help me.

Any person out there who have successfully did it with a Netware 6.0 ldap server?  Please give some solutions/ideas if you have.

Samba newbie adrian

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