[Samba] NFS-like file ownership/permissions with Samba

Martin Dahlberg martin.dahlberg at mbox303.swipnet.se
Tue Mar 4 23:21:44 GMT 2003


We use Linux Work Stations that are logged into by several users
"concurrently". We now use NFS to mount our user accounts from a Linux File
Server with a mount point of /home.


File permissions on /home/*
drwx-rwx-r-x martin
drwx---------- anotheruser1
drwx-------r-x anotheruser2

Now the Linux File Server will become Windows 2000, but we want the  same
function so that all users that log on a Linux Work Station, see the same
user accounts with the same file permissions, but it seems that smbmount
mounts all files as the same user.

Any help appreciated!

Martin Dahlberg

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