[Samba] Q: Avoiding Symlink Dereferences

Brian White bcwhite at precidia.com
Tue Mar 4 20:03:42 GMT 2003

I've got a problem...

I have a CD-ROM jukebox in which is stored some 100+ CDs.  They're mounted
automatically via the automounter with an executeable map.  That part works

To show people what is available, I have symlinks from another directory
to all the possible CD volumes.  However, if I look at that directory
via Samba, the windoze box hangs for an extended period of time as it
does a STAT on all the symlinks, each of which forces the mounting of
the disc it references and taking about 10 seconds of time.

Any ideas on how I can avoid this or at least cache the result?

                                 ( bcwhite at precidia.com )

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