[Samba] security = server and password server sometimes rejects password

John Newhouse john at ylenurme.ee
Tue Mar 4 17:16:41 GMT 2003


I have two samba servers, PDC (3.0a21) , which has only [netlogon] share and FSERVER (samba 2.2.5),
which uses PDC as password server and also shares out [homes] and [profile] .

Time to time it happens that when I log in from WS I get error message that \\fserver\profiles
can't be accessed. And when I look into FSERVER log then it complains:

password server PDC rejected the password.

but I know that password is right , because i typed it right and also I could log on
into WS (but profile loading does not work).
And in logon script \\fserver\homes is mapped as U: drive, but time-to-time this does'nt work either and logon script
windows prompts me for password , and when I type right password there it rejects it.

My PDC gets all user information from Ldap (nsswitch also lives 100% on ldap), so maybe it's
just some kind of timeout accessing infomation from LDAP/ ?????????

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