[Samba] Samba + LDAP + Win2k Server problem

Hilbert Mostert hilbert.mostert at siteways.nl
Mon Mar 3 11:56:30 GMT 2003


I have a problem with my network confuguration, it does work completely but
it seems that there is a problem with the resolving of user names on the
win2k server.
The domain controller is a samba 2.2.7 (RedHat 8) machine with ldapsam.
When i try to set the permissions on a folder on the Win2K server machine it
shows the usernames correct, but when i click ok and reopen the permissions
panel, the usernames are different, they have a syntax like
This isn't normal behaviour because with an Win2K Professional machine it
doesn't show this "error".

Yours sincerely,
Hilbert Mostert

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