[Samba] Samba 3.0 Authentication

Matt Schillinger mschilli at vss.fsi.com
Tue Mar 4 15:53:54 GMT 2003


This is my first time delving into non 2.2 samba, and attempting to
develop a single authentication solution for windows and unix machines.
Currently, we use nis for the unix machines (solaris 2.6-2.8, irix 6.5,
linux, motorola), and there is NO PDC for windows. samba servers use nis
and use unencrypted passwords for authentication.

What I would like to do, is begin preparing for an upgrade to samba 3.0
(when it is production), as the company i work for, is implementing a
windows 2000 initiative to all the satellite offices.. I would like, if
possible, to provide a samba solution as opposed to windows 2000.  

With an ldap backend, can samba and Unix share the same user/passwords?
or is there different schema/encryption methods for the two? I had
planned on getting PADL's LDAP->NIS gateway for the older unixes that do
not have direct LDAP authentication capabilities.

Thanks for your help,

Matt Schillinger
mschilli at vss.fsi.com

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