[Samba] Samba and Active Diectory

Christopher Odenbach odenbach at hni.uni-paderborn.de
Tue Mar 4 15:35:23 GMT 2003


> How do I keep users and passwds in sync. ie  when an nt user
> changeshis/her passwd on the wintel desktop client?

If you use the unix boxes just for storing data, you don't need user 
passwords there - the samba server just forwards the authentication to 
the domain controller.

If users also work under unix you can

a) install the Services for Unix from M$
b) have a try with https://sourceforge.net/projects/acctsync
   Look at a tool called passwdHK.dll. This lib can be called
   everytime a user changes his/her password and can then forward it to
   any program you like (e.g. perl script).
c) use kerberos trusts (sounds complicated and certainly is - don't ask
   me about details, I don't use kerberos).

I prefer solution b).



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