[Samba] port usage

Wolfram Quester wquester at mittelerde.physik.uni-konstanz.de
Tue Mar 4 09:59:49 GMT 2003


there is an article from "the linux magazine", called 
"Understanding the Network Neighborhood" available at


There are ports 137, 138, and 139 mentioned. My /etc/services says
netbios-ns      137/tcp                         # NETBIOS Name Service
netbios-ns      137/udp
netbios-dgm     138/tcp                         # NETBIOS Datagram Service
netbios-dgm     138/udp
netbios-ssn     139/tcp                         # NETBIOS session service
netbios-ssn     139/udp

Also to mention is
microsoft-ds    445/tcp
microsoft-ds    445/udp

445/tcp is netbios-less CIFS used by Windows 2000 clients. I don't know
how far the implementation in samba is right now. In 3.0 port 445 will
be used by default, IIRC.



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