[Samba] Cannot sync browser lists

richard rcoates at bigpond.net.au
Tue Mar 4 09:15:40 GMT 2003

> Yes, wins is for name resolution.  I was also under the impression that
> wins allowed a server on a different subnet to show up in
> network-neighborhood, by syncing browse lists with the domain master
> browser (in this case, an nt wins server and pdc).

not correct. If I understand this correctly wins provides the address of
the pdc so the local-subnet-master-browsers can sync their browse-lists
with it.

> By point to point I mean a network where there are two ends, A and B.  B
> is in its own subnet, no broadcast, it uses A as its gateway/router.
> There is nothing else in that subnet.  B access the network through A.
> The samba server is B.  B is a local master, but not a domain master.

I assume routing from the pdc back to samba is ok. Did you specify your
ppp interface in "interfaces = .." ?
We used a samba box to share a dialup a couple of years back with
similar unreliable browse-lists. From memory if samba was restarted
AFTER the ppp interface came up it worked quicker. hope this helps,
Richard Coates

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