[Samba] Authentication to Samba share fails

Jayatillake, Rohana rjayatillake at csu.edu.au
Tue Mar 4 00:01:57 GMT 2003



I am trying to authenticate to a samba share on a Solaris 8 box through
Win2k domain. When I try to map to share it prompts for the username and
password. It doesn't accept the username and password and keep on
popping up to enter the same. When I had a look at the machine log I
found this,


Smb_pam_error _handler:PAM: session setup failed: cannot make/remove
entry for session

Pam_session rejected the session for "domain name\username"


But when I run wbinfo -g and wbinfo -u I get all the groups and users in
the domain without any problem.


Has anyone got a solution for this.



Rohana Jayatillake

Systems & Infrastructure

Division of Information Technology

Charles Sturt University

Bathurst NSW 2795


Phone: 02 6338 4854

Email: rjayatillake at csu.edu.au


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