[Samba] Default settings for print drivers

daniel.jarboe at custserv.com daniel.jarboe at custserv.com
Mon Mar 3 20:40:05 GMT 2003

> I'm having a problem where printing preferences (advanced 
> settings) are
> not remembered for 2.2.7a.  This behavior differs from installed
> printers not associated with samba.

Jerry (or anyone else), here's more info on that:

Samba's behaviour differs from windows servers, and it makes installed
features (device settings) on printers unusable/inaccessable.

For example, one driver where installable device settings change
printing preferences options is the HP LaserJet 8100 Series PCL (the
driver comes with win2000).

Install the driver on the samba server, under device settings tab,
installable options, let's say that the duplex unit is installed, and
that the accessory output bin is HP 3000-Sheet Stapler/Stacker.  This'll
give us two installable features to work with.

After applying, now under the general tab, printing preferences, we'll
take advantage of the duplex unit and set the layout (duplex) to be flip
on long edge.  Apply.  Now under advanced, we'll change Stapler from one
staple to two staples.  Apply, OK.

After OK, viewing the properties again shows that it appears to have
remembered the settings on the server.

If a non-printer admin installs this printer to the client from the
samba share, the installable options are lost (no duplex, no stapler),
and the printing preferences are back to defaults.  This is a problem,
as non-printer admins can't do the things they need to do, and because
they are not printer admins, they cannot "install" options with device

If a printer admin installs this printer to the client from the samba
share, a curious thing happens: the installable device settings remain,
correct, but the printing preferences get set back to their defaults on
the client, AND on the server!  So the action of a printer admin
installing the printer to a client causes the printing preferences to be
lost on the server (and the client).

If these printing preferences are set either again on the server, or by
the printer admin client, they get changed in both the client and the
samba server.

Okay, last one.  So for printing preferences (layout) i turn duplex back
to flip on long edge, and advanced, stapler: to two staples.  OK.  Now I
open up word or i.e. or notepad or whatever... Print... Properties...
I've lost my duplex and staple again, and not just the preferences, but
the device settings no longer appear installed (there is no place to
change duplex settings, or specify the # of staples).  Though if I go to
Settings... Printers... the settings appear to be there.  But no
applications can use them?  What gives?

This is 2.2.7a-1, btw.  Do your tests confirm similar behaviour, or is
this one of those "works for me" things?  Does 3.x behave any better in
this area?

~ Daniel


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