[Samba] Locking Problems with Samba 2.2.7

Glenn Scherb gscherb at mriresearch.org
Mon Mar 3 19:26:24 GMT 2003


Have you tried setting these globals:
	kernel oplocks = No
	oplocks = No
	level2 oplocks = No

I routinely do this on all my shares that must house Access databases or
MS Outlook *.pst files.



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I have a new Dell server running Red Hat 8.0 Linux. I just downloaded
and installed Samba 2.2.7 from the Red Hat Web site. I am having trouble
with Microsoft Access 2000 data base locking. The program runs in a
runtime version (.mde)on each client. Only the database(.mdb), the
permissions file(.mdw) and the lock file (.ldb) are resident on the
server running Samba. Each computer can individually access the share
and open and run the database. The program in question is set up for
multiple users. It runs fine on a Windows peer-peer network but won't
allow multiple users from the server.  Any suggestions on where to look
to find the problem?


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