[Samba] Control NT Services

Voetelink D. voetelink at ecn.nl
Mon Mar 3 17:23:04 GMT 2003


> Thanks for the response !!  I tried rpcclient but I don't see anywhere where
> it will let me control services.  

I double-checked, and found out that it's the rpcclient supplied with
samba-tng which has service-control.

from 'man rpcclient' from a samba-tng system:

Service Control

              These commands provide functionality similar to the
              Windows NT Service Control Manager.

              It  is  possible to use command-line completion (if
              you have the  GNU  readline  library)  for  Service
              names, by pressing the tab key.

              [-i] Lists Services.

              <service> Service Information

              <service> [arg 0] [arg 1] ... Start Service

              <service> Stop Service

I'm not sure this is what you want. Perhaps somebody has a
different solution...



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> Josh,
>>Is there a Samba utility to control NT Services or does anyone know of a 
>>way to remotely restart NT services from a linux box ?
> IIRC you can use rpcclient for that. Not sure tho.
> Dennis


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