[Samba] Samba and LinuxMDK 9 file perms oddities?

Buchan Milne bgmilne at cae.co.za
Mon Mar 3 10:48:44 GMT 2003

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> Subject: [Samba] Samba and LinuxMDK 9 file perms oddities?
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> Hi all
> I noticed a pretty strange behaviour regarding file permissions that
> sometimes change without any reason. I need to share the following two
> directories:
>     /home/public (owner=root, group=root, perms=0777)
>     /home/users (owner=root, group=users, perms=0770)
> the /home directory is owned by root, the group is root and permissions
> are set in this way: 0755.
> The above dirs are shared using these instructions in smb.conf:
> [grp]
>     comment = Folder for group [%g]
>     path = /home/%g
>     guest ok = no
>     public = no
>     browseable = yes
>     writable = yes
>     create mask = 0660
>     directory mask = 0770
> [public]
>     comment = Public folder
>     path = /home/public
>     guest ok = no
>     public = no
>     browseable = yes
>     writable = yes
>     create mask = 0666
>     directory mask = 0777
> When a member of group "users" connects to the [public] or [grp] share
> and interacts with them by creating dirs and/or files, something strange
> happens because file permissions change to:

Are you sure it is when a user connects?

>     /home/public (owner=root, group=root, perms=0755)
>     /home/users (owner=root, group=users, perms=0750)
> In a short words, the write flag disappears. As a result, the next time
> that a user logs in or interacts with shares, he won't be able to write
> files, create dirs, rename them and so on.
> I tried to shut down and restart samba to discover if that change is
> caused by the deamon itself and not by the use of the shares but I
> observed that restarting doesn't change file perms. Does anybody know
> the solution?

What security level are you running?

[bgmilne:/home/users/bgmilne]# cat /etc/sysconfig/msec

If you are running security level 2 or higher, msec will reset
permissions to not be group writeable on directories under /home. So,
you should run draksec to customise this, or not use msec.

[bgmilne:/usr/share/msec]# grep home perm.? |awk '{print $1 "\t"  $2
"\t" $3}'
perm.0:/home/   root.root       755
perm.0:/home/*  current 755
perm.1:/home/   root.root       755
perm.1:/home/*  current 755
perm.2:/home/   root.root       755
perm.2:/home/*  current 755
perm.3:/home/   root.root       755
perm.3:/home/*  current 711
perm.4:/home/   root.adm        751
perm.4:/home/*  current 700
perm.5:/home/   root.root       711
perm.5:/home/*  current 700

After making your changes in draksec, run:
# msec <security level>
to have msec set the permissions as it thinks they should be, or set
them the way you want them, and run
# msec
to see if it leaves them alone now.


P.S. I normally search the digests of this list for "mandrake", I would
not have found your post since I do not search for MDK/mdk/md etc. It is
also a good idea not to abbreviate if you intend other searches (Google
etc) to find your post ...

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