[Samba] Samba and LinuxMDK 9 file perms oddities?

AlF ddkh at libero.it
Sun Mar 2 23:49:56 GMT 2003

Kurt Weiss wrote:


> i tested the same situation. - without result. %-|
> (samba 2.2.4 / kernel 2.4.10)
> *) which version u use?

2.2.6pre2, the one that's delivered in the package 
samba-xxx-2.2.6-1.0.pre2.2mdk,  but I'm going to upgrade in a few days.
The (recompiled) kernel version is 2.4.19

> *) maybe u have running some other software, which is doing this 
> strange thing. (something like disk quota in relation with umask...)

I was just thinking that security level of MDK release could be the 
"culprit" for such a strange behaviour.
I think I have to take a look in /etc/security/msec/security.conf 
(and/or) /var/lib/msec/security.conf  and try to understand

> *) maybe u used /home/public as home directory for an unix/linux user?

no, there's no user that has /home/public as home dir

> *) maybe u have just a third share, which allowes access to /home?


> the smb.conf part u sent, seems ok. -
> but if possible send the whole original...

I'll access that machine on tuesday morning so there's some day to wait 
but I decided to test smb.conf with another Linux distribution at home 
in a couple of hours

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