[Samba] Re: Re: Hiding a share

Kurt Weiss input.maillists at kwnet.at
Sun Mar 2 07:28:52 GMT 2003

hi marco!

> Which, in turn, leaves the share still visible in Network Neighborhood 
> etc, as I initially reported.
> Go figure. :)

i don't understand your question. - we're using "browsable = no" over 
years. but i did not find, where u'll see the share. i can't see the 
share with 'net view' and not in network neighbourhood. - only if it's 
added in "network neighbourhood" with "adding networkresource" then it's 
visible (in a view situations, w2k/xp does this automaticly).
*but* this feature of w2k/xp has nothing to do with visibility in 
network. it's only a directory in profiles, where the system lays *.lnk 
files to accessed shares. - so u mean it's "visible".

if it's not so as descripted, then please send me smb.conf and 
versionnr. / version of used windows (incl. sp).


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