[Samba] server side printers

Tor Bechmann Sørensen tor at studentergaarden.dk
Sat Mar 1 22:52:15 GMT 2003

Thank you for your help, so far.

> the docs are equally clear on this part.

Well, maybe if youre an expert, or someone already having experience in
doing this with a NT printer server, but not from my point of view. Also I
dont think the docs are very clear as to that doing this from a windows
client is the ONLY way. But thanks for clearing that up.

>         Another interesting side note is that Windows NT clients do not
>         use the SMB printer share, but rather can print directly to any
>         printer on another Windows NT host using MS-RPC. This of course
>         assumes that the printing client has the necessary privileges on
>         the remote host serving the printer.

Does this apply for windowsXP as well? And does it mean that windows will
send the print job directly to the printer per default (I dont want that,
since I have a printer filter which counts pages and subtracts from the
users printer account)?

> You need to download the driver for the laserjet5m from hp and use the
> add printer wizard from a client computer (as specified in the docs)

Ok. Should this be done from a computer with each type of windows or will
doing this from a single computer for instance with windowsXP do? And
should I be able to see some files showing up in the folders in print$
after this process?

Thanks again
Tor Bechmann Sorensen

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