[Samba] [Fwd: samba 30alpha21 + NT4/2K WS-s]

John Newhouse john at ylenurme.ee
Sat Mar 1 18:26:20 GMT 2003

>> Third problem is locally stored profiles. How I could make such set up that when user logs out from WS , then WS
>> would copy changed profile back to server and delete it from WS ?
>> It's question of security and hard disk space..
> you can do that with a setting in gpedit.msc
> don't remember which one but i think i'll be obvious.

but is it possible to establish central sec policy/configuration for all nt4/w2k/xp/98 workstations?
i've heard something about working with nt4, so that every time users logs on , nt4 ws retreives policy from
but can anoyone explain in more details ?

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