[Samba] server side printers

Tor Bechmann Sørensen tor at studentergaarden.dk
Sat Mar 1 16:56:25 GMT 2003


Im an admin on a small network with about 100 clients running windows 95,
98, 98SE, windows 2000 and XP. Our server is running samba 2.2.5
and sharing one HP Laserjet 5M/MP. Our current setup works fine, but I am

How do I put windows clients drivers on my samba server to eliminate the
need for users to choose printer drivers (and to have the windows cd
around) when they add the samba shared printers?

I am looking for help in creating the samba share whereupon the nessesary
files could reside. And for generating the nessecary files, and putting
them there.

Also, I am wondering about the legality of the process: That
is, since my users are residents at my dorm, they have their own private
software, and the dorm which is running the server, doesnt have any
windows licenses. I could borrow the relevant installation cds to generate
the nessesary files, i guess, but would it be legal?

I have been googling and reading documentation, but I could only find
documentation relevant to versions previous to 2.2.0 and nothing that
could help me.

Finally, I dont know if I have to subscribe to this list to recieve
replies, so please reply to my address rather than to the list.

Tor Bechmann Sorensen

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