[Samba] Is 2.2.8 generally slower than 2.2.1?

Eric N. Moyer EMoyer at LibraryTech.Com
Mon Jun 30 17:42:40 GMT 2003

>Interesting. I always wondered what version of Samba the RAIDZONE
>people are running. They haven't asked to be put on our vendors
>list to my knowledge. The version of Samba they are running is
>far more important. Ask them for the source code to see if any
>changes have been made or if it's a standard version and if so
>what version it is.
>oplock break failures are commonly due to network hardware problems
>or sometimes client bugs. All of the known Samba bugs here have
>been fixed to my knowledge.

Thank you for the reply.  I have asked the Raidzone tech for a copy of 
their Samba source, and we are also investigating network issues.  Another 
thing we are doing is testing the large file copies on a spare Linux 
system, for comparison to the Raidzone unit.  This test computer started 
off with Samba 2.2.1a-4, and copied a large file fine, and much faster than 
the rate we get on the Raidzone when it works.  We then updated the test 
machine to Samba 2.2.8a-1, and it took 50% longer to copy the file.

Is a performance decrease like this a common experience with the newer 
versions?  Are there some customary settings we should check?

Thanks.    -Eric


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