[Samba] Samba acls

Adrian Chow achow at gandalf.uwcsea.edu.sg
Mon Jun 30 01:15:54 GMT 2003


Can I know when a Samba user (one that is connecting to the Samba server
via a Windows Client) creates a file in the shared folder or modifies a
file in the shared folder, what would the acls of the file be?  (I meant
the gid and uid of the file)   Mine worked as if it is always created as a
root user.    I thought the file should have the uid and gid or the person
who created the file (respect to the /etc/passwd and /etc/group in the
Samba server).

I got Samba 3.0beta running on the Redhat 9.0 (downgraded to a kernel
2.4.20) with acls patches from acl.bestbits.at.



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