[Samba] exec scripts question

David Morel david.morel at amakuru.net
Sat Jun 28 14:32:48 GMT 2003

Le sam 28/06/2003 à 15:59, ipguy a écrit :
> i'm having problems with preexec scripts... see example below
> [homes]
> preexec = mkdir /samba/users/%U
> do exec scripts only work in a Samba PDC setup or are we able to use exec
> scripts in any setup ?
> if you look at the preexec script above, all i'm trying to do is make a dir
> for the connecting user (i don't need to make an account as the samba server
> is seup as a domain member server to a NT4 PDC, i'm using winbind for
> accounts)
> why wouldn't the script work ?
> it's to simple for it not to....

I read several reports of failure about that. Haven't tried it myself,
but I remember an answer was that pam_mkhomedir was meant to do
precisely that.


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