[Samba] Slow printing problem

Evan Pierce epierce at sunint.co.za
Fri Jun 27 13:15:39 GMT 2003

I have a small network running Slackware 9.0 and Samba 2.2.8a server. This was a replacement for a single Winnt 4.0 server. I have configured a single printer on the system (the printer is  a HP Officejet) and am printing to it via the lpt0 port. Printing works fine, however on the older machines on the network (both Winnt Workstation and Win95/98 pc's) it takes a very long time to spool and then print any jobs to this printer. I am manually installing the driver on the clients and on most clients in fact I left the existing print driver in place and simply pointed it to the new printer share. On the old Winnt 4.0 system the printing was quick. Once the job actually starts printing though it prints quickly and prints fine with the right quality. New machines (p3 and amd athlons) print quickly to the printer on both. I believe that it has something to do with the way the older machines are spooling the job however as the only thing that has changed is the server I am not sure if there are not things I can change on it to speed up spooling of jobs. The old server and new server have the same name. Attached is my smb.conf file.


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