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> Hello every body,
> i am using samba (2.2.8a) with ldap support. In the samba.schema,
> there are special attributes relatives to the user passord:
> pwdMustChange, pwdCanChange, kickoffTime, logoffTime, logonTime and
> pwdLastSet.
> All the samba's documentations i can found described those attributes
> as "currently unused", execpt the last one that represent the time
> modification since 1970.
> But what do the others attributes are for ? Can they be used and
> how ?
> For example, i found that pwdMustChange can be used to force user to
> change his password. It seems that if i set pwdMustChange to epoch
> time+20, the user will have to change his password in 20s. And again
> in 20s ... So can i force a user to change his password in n secondes,
> but more later ?

The problem is that samba doesn't unexpire passwords, and it is
difficult to unexpire them via a script, since samba reads all the
attributes before a password change, runs which ever password change
mechanism you have if you are using password synchronisation (either pam
or passwd program), and then makes its changes in LDAP (overwriting any
samba attributes that may have been changed by passwd program).

It may be possible to store the password change times in a seperate
file, and post-process them via a cron job, but I haven't had time to
implement this.

AFAIK, samba3 will fully support password age/changing restrictions.


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