[Samba] Samba Virtual Servers (Host aliases) configuration problem

Poletto Davide davide.poletto at globalservice-srl.com
Fri Jun 27 08:07:40 GMT 2003

I need to create one or more NetBIOS host alias of my unique SAMBA server
version 2.27 which is running on a RedHat Linux 8.0 box acting as a simple
file-sharing machine for our WORKGROUP.
I need that my clients see three differents host more than the real
I think the scope of virtual server was based on which virtual host I'll
contact I'll see the relative share: so everyone will see FILESERVER share,
everyone who conntacts ALIAS1 will see ALIAS1 share (and FILESERVER share
due to include mechanism...) and so on.
This is part of my actual "smb.conf" file on /etc/samba directory:


workgroup = WORKGROUP
netbios name = FILESERVER
netbios aliases = ALIAS1 ALIAS2 ALIAS3
include = /etc/samba/smb.conf.%L
server string = SAMBA %v on %h

comment = FILESERVER share
path = /home/share
printable = no
writable = yes
valid users = @filesharing
write list = @filesharing

...then I have edited three separate smb.conf.%L (%L substituted with each
alias NetBIOS name) under /etc/samba directory:


each of theese configuration files has only a share section (No [global]
section) with this style:

smb.conf.ALIAS1 has

comment = ALIAS1 share
path = /home/share_alias1
printable = no
writable = yes
valid users = @filesharing
write list = @filesharing

smb.conf.ALIAS2 has

comment = ALIAS2 share
path = /home/share_alias2
printable = no
writable = yes
valid users = @filesharing
write list = @filesharing

and so on for ALIAS3.
It doesn't work properly because it seems that the variable %L will not
"set" as it would by the client connect request.
Each client inside my workgroup see effectively three different hosts
(virual hosts) ALIAS1, ALIAS2 and ALIAS3 plus the real fileserver FILESERVER
but if I'll try to connect with ALIAS1 I'll see only the /home/share of
SHARE and not this one plus/and ALIAS1 /home/share_alias1 of ALIAS1!
The same if I'll trying to connect to ALIAS2 or ALIAS3...
It seems that include mechanism doesn't work properly.
Could anyone help me setting up this configuration files properly?

Davide Poletto

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