[Samba] Hooray...I've got Samba to play with LDAP!!

Tru Pham tpham at viettre.net
Thu Jun 26 18:48:59 GMT 2003

I am so excited folks...I finally got Samba to authenticate Windows using 
LDAP and successfully join my XP boxes to the domain.  Man, after all the 
frustration of debugging in Samba 3.0 beta1.  I decided to try out 
version 2.2.8a instead.  Therefore, I grab the .tar.gz and recompiled it 
and setup everything with the smbldap-tools and bam, it works...Well, at 
first I cannot join my XP into the DOMAIN and get the Access Denied and 
read the log and it said there was no root account in which windows is 
looking for.  I then used the smblap-useradd.pl and added root, modified 
some entries and there it is the good old wonderfu message "Welcome to 
XXXX Domain" and reboot and hooray...

I can't get the damn Samba 3.0 beta1 to work cuz I guess the smbldap-toos 
is not working right under 3.0.  Anyway, don't care now, I'll just stick 
with Samba 2.2.8a.

So happy!!!! :)

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