[Samba] Unable to contact LMB of a workgroup on another subnet

zergio zergio at isc.kharkov.com
Thu Jun 26 14:36:50 GMT 2003

Hi all!
I have NT BOGUS based on Samba 2.2.8a, named BOGUS. Samba acts as 
PDC(BOGUS),LMB,DMB,WINS. In BOGUS I have machines from both 
and subnets. For the BOGUS browsing works just fine.

   workgroup1   workgroup2   workgroup2
------|------------|-------------|-------- only    	          |
   				router	PDC,DMB(BOGUS)
		BOGUS			  |
	   |  			  |

I can access any machine in BOGUS from workgroup1 or workgroup2 etc. 
However, if BOGUS's machine is on subnet I can not contact 
any of workgroup* (unable to contact LMB). WINS is up and working so I 
still can find any machine if I query WINS.
As I know WINS doesn't store names "workgroup*#1d" in the database. So I 
can find LMB only by broadcast.
Is there any solutions or workarounds?
I would appreciate any help and suggestion.

Thank you in advance

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