[Samba] SMBMOUNT: Problems with 866 codepage and others

Dmitri Koulikov dima at mitrah.ru
Thu Jun 26 09:00:47 GMT 2003

Hello urban,

  While trying samba we've found some errors.

  Windows machine has 866 code page (we are from Russia), and Linux -
  smbclient works fine and show all the coding as it should.

 1. smbmount checks argc, argv too late to set debug level at a proper
 2. Some parameters are ignored despite --help option and man pages.
They include codepage and iocharset options.
 3. After mounting the directory Russian filenames are wrong coded,
for example, file with the name coded in 866 as 90 A0 A1 AE E2 A0
is seen as C9 E1 ED AB 3A 30 33 39 33 E1
 4. Periodically ls command returns a diagnostics:
   lse: xxxxxxxxx: No such file or directory
where xxxxxxxxx - the name of the file from #3. And the file is not
listed. After several attempt is appears again in the list in order to
disappear at one of next times.
 5. During initialization of the program subroutine
codepage_initialise is called twice.

   The version of the program is 2.2.8a smbmount.c is dated as

Best regards,

mailto:dima at mitrah.ru

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